Fri-Yay! 6-28-19

June 28, 2019

I really wanted to call this weekly post “Casual Friday” because it’s obviously the best name for this type of post, but alas Julia Marcum has already used it. While I argue that imitating my favorite blogger ( btw) is flattery, I figured I could come up with something of my own. No promises it won’t change. Enough rambling. Well, except that this weekly post will be me rambling on life outside of DIY (plus cool things I think you’ll dig)…

This week we installed a light in the guest bathroom and failed, twice, to set up our washer and dryer. Neither project will be featured on this blog because one was really easy and the cheap light fixture is awful and, well, we failed twice at the other so do you really want to take our advice? Kidding, learning is a huge part of owning a home and both “failures” were just because we needed additional supplies, but that part of the basement isn’t very pretty, so we’ll spare you.

Technically I haven’t “moved” into the house yet. I’m living there, a lot of my clothes and all my shoes are there along with basic toiletries, but none of my furniture or other belongings. T, my current roomie who will be renting the basement apartment, is still at the old house too. So yesterday when he invited us to dinner. He’s the BEST cook ever (see above) – I’m trying to convince him to write a recipe post once a month or so, would you be into that? I felt like I needed to knock! I think of it as his house now. Ha.

Onto things I like this week that you might be into:

  • Have you tried blue light glasses? They protect your eyes when you spend hours on a computer or phone screen. These are inexpensive, cute and they’ve changed our lives (Zach and I each took one pair of the set of two). Highly recommend.
  • It’s almost July already, but if you still need sandals I’ve been living in these this summer (I got the Cognac).
  • What really happened to Malaysia Flight 370? This in-depth article captivated us both this week.
  • My goal is to “retire” by 40, so Wit & Delight’s 6 Money Habits to Quit if You Want to Get Serious About Saving was a great read.
  • We did a girls at-home, DIY spa day last weekend using recipes from Emily Henderson. That charcoal scrub…yes.
  • All the custom DIY solutions make this petite home feel anything but!
  • Updated to add this Brooklyn house tour. The George Washington paintings! Ohmygosh I love it.