Demo Day!

July 11, 2019

The Saturday before moving into the new house (much more quickly than planned), so many friends came to help our frenzy of painting, removing wallpaper and tearing up gross carpet. First, shoutout to said friends. You guys are legit THE BEST. And we will pay it forward.

With so much help we ended up finishing pretty quickly, so why not demo? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Paying people to do projects on your house isn’t as straightforward as it seems. In the month between closing and “demo day” we had contacted probably 30 contractors, ten set up appointments, two showed up, neither followed up. Yep. It’s actually pretty hard to hire a contractor (in some areas, at certain times – not at all disparaging the profession).

So, a confident friend – we’ll call him Meat Daddy (bahahaha inside joke, sorry guys) – said “f*ck it, we can take down this drop ceiling.” And so we did. And a fan. And another fan. And then we busted through walls of a “totally not loading bearing” pantry (spoiler alert: it was load bearing). We also tore up even more carpet, discovered hardwoods (yay!) and not hardwoods and weird linoleum that’s better than subfloor and hardwoods that randomly stop halfway in the room and are covered in laminate glue. Yay for surprises!

Anyway, here are some action shots:

And some before and afters:

Master Before

Maybe this is why it wasn’t shown in the listing photos? The walls were a nice pink, but so dirty. The color difference behind the wallpaper border was astounding. The house didn’t smell like smoke at all, but they had to have been smokers at some point since the walls were last painted (which was probably 50 years ago). And the bathroom door…yikes. There was a cool handmade jewelry storage piece behind the door though. These custom-made solutions are all over the house. It’s really cute.

Master After

Bad blogger. I don’t really have any photos. Everything – walls, ceiling, trim, doors, jewelry built-in – got a coat of fresh white paint. I used my paint sprayer for the first time and it’s awesome. Here are some photos (from Instagram #shame) of the priming phase:

Sunroom Before

Drop ceiling. Dingy wallpaper. Moldy carpet. Ugly fan. The sunroom needed a lot of attention. We knew the ceiling was slanted which is very cool. We wanted to expose that and get rid of the horrible drop ceiling.

Sunroom After

Looks so much better right? Okay, I know. It looks way worse. But it’s a step in the right direction. Next week we’ll delve into our plans for the room. I’m just happy that gross carpet and drop ceiling are gone!

Kitchen Before

That pantry is the bane of my existence. It’s dark and cramped and it blocks the path from the kitchen to the rest of the house. Tearing it out would give the kitchen, hall and the entire area some much needed breathing room.

Kitchen After

Two contractors told us the pantry definitely wasn’t load bearing. Two contractors were wrong. So now we have a pantry hole. Honestly, it’s still better than it was.

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