Floorplanning: Master Bath

July 15, 2019
Bath inspiration. I couldn’t find the original designer, but it’s shared here.

I really enjoy making floorplans. Tweaking little things or realizing an entirely new option. Sometimes though, the options seem endless. Our first major project at the new house will be the master bath/closet/laundry room. We’re taking the back bedroom to make a large master suite and turning the formal living room into a bedroom instead.

Project Goals

  1. Large walk-in closet
  2. Large walk-in shower
  3. Double vanity
  4. Room for bathroom storage
  5. Clawfoot tub*
  6. Add laundry upstairs

*I am willing to give up my clawfoot tub if it doesn’t fit, though I’m trying hard to make it fit!

Where We’re Starting

The orange walls are load bearing, so we want to keep them. Also, that tiny room inside the orange walls is our entire current master bath… The yellow represents a coat closet we want to add during the renovation. You’ll see in some of the floorplans that the laundry is outside the bathroom – it would be taking this coat closet, which isn’t ideal but tolerable.

Floorplans for Days

I could probably have come up with a dozen more. I overwrote several, so there are many more. We want to maintain access to the closet if someone is using the bathroom, and I really loved the convenience of the vanity outside of the bathroom in my first house. So while personally I’m not a huge fan of water closets (#claustrophobic), they made sense in several of these options.

What do you think? Which do you think makes the most sense? Any ideas on how we could better improve flow? Tomorrow I’ll share our top two options and a mood board for each.

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