July 12, 2019
Room by Tom & Cara Fox of

We have laundry! And wifi! It’s been a good week. Those two should-be-easy issues were really weighing us down, but now we can get back to the fun stuff.

We’re meeting with a contractor tomorrow to discuss the sunroom project. We’re really excited about this room. It was a big selling point for Mildred House. Previously hidden by the drop ceiling, the ceiling slants up which is a cool feature we want to highlight. We’re planning to panel the ceilings, but then I saw the photo above by Tom & Cara Fox and now I want to panel the whole thing. The room open to it has original knotty pine paneling which we plan to keep, so it may be a bit much but we’ll see. The walls need a lot of help, possibly all new drywall anyway, so we’re going to explore this option. I want to paint everything the same color like the inspiration pic, though a lighter shade.

Other fun things this week:

  • I’ve been drooling over Year and Day dishes.
  • I’m very into the natural wood trim trend. Ashley at The Gold Hive, Cathy at The Grit and Polish and Bre at Brepurposed have all embraced their natural wood trim and I love it. What do you think? Is it coming back?
  • As I’m mulling over our master bath/closet/laundry room reno, this master bath that tossed aside all design rules has me thinking outside the box. (Also, the painted brick backsplash in the kitchen!)
  • I had a work trip to DC this week and airport marketing got me. EgyptAir has a big campaign going on with gorgeous travel photos and now I’m dying to go to Tel Aviv. Where is your dream vacation spot?

  • toryaha
    July 14, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    I love the painted ceiling look with the paneling. I feel like the lines of the paneling add depth and the illusion of space.