July 19, 2019

Happy Friday! This week we had another contractor come out and we were very excited to get our sunroom down. Then, again, we never got a quote or response when we followed up. At this point, we’re resigned to the fact that we’re going to have to do it ourselves. Framing, drywall, built-ins – they’re not too hard, right?

In other news we’re focusing entirely on the basement apartment so that T can move in. The floors have been more troublesome than we expected BUT! We found…a shuffleboard court! Painted on the floor spanning the entire length of the apartment. So cool right? The previous owners, Mrs. Mildred, had a professional shuffleboard court installed in their basement. So of course now we’re going to preserve that for decoration (and half-court game play ;)).

Emily Henderson did a round up of her team’s favorite podcasts today, so as a huge podcast junkie I thought I’d share my favs! My tastes are all over the place, from story telling to true crime to educational to talk show style, so I’m sure there will be something you enjoy.

Ladies We Need to Talk: This is an Australian podcast that talks about the issues women often don’t talk about. From early menopause, the way hormones affect us and the pros and cons of different birth controls, to body image, abortion, childlessness by choice and more. I encourage you to listen to it with your girlfriends or start a podcast club (like a book club for millennials) to discuss the episodes. Also, the Australian accents!

The Indicator: This NPR podcast shares short daily stories about the economy. I listen to it while I get ready every morning – it’s usually 7 to 10 minutes long. It’s so engaging and I’ve learned so much about how our economy works.

The No Sleep Podcast and Creepy: Short scary stories acted out by talented voice actors. If you like storytelling, and horror, these are for you. These are fiction stories and most aren’t all that scary, more creepy, but it’s a fun listen late at night.

Hidden Brain: Another NPR podcast, Hidden Brain talks about unconscious behavior and biases that shape our lives. I think the entire world could use some more empathy and understanding, and this podcast helps. Also, the host’s voice is so soothing.

Generation Why: There are lots of true crime podcasts out there, but I really like Generation Why because they are so thoughtful about how they portray victims. They focus more on failures of the justice system than voyeurism on gory crimes.

The Bright Sessions: The entire podcast is done now, so binge away. The Bright Sessions is a fictional series the continues over four seasons, following psychiatrist Dr. Bright who works with people who have special abilities…

Excuse me while I go clean something so I can catch up on podcasts 😉

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