July 26, 2019

This week, in between nights out with friends, trivia and brunch, we’ve been focused on the basement floors. We need to finish the basement so that T can move in (and I can rent out my other house T is currently living in).

The floors had carpet and linoleum glued to them, and tile in the bathroom. We’re ripping it all up to have continuous, finished cement floors. We’ve been using a low VOC stripper to get up the carpet and linoleum glue and it works great, but…it’s $40. And we need about 10 more bottles…

We’ll share what methods worked and what didn’t when we figure it out. Until then, here are some things that caught my attention this week:

  • Bryan & Catherine shared the first of their “Let’s Talk Money” series and it’s great – I can’t wait to follow along with the whole series!
  • I can’t find the original source, but this is my dream kitchen.
  • Have you watched Sex Education on Netflix? Not only is it funny and poignant, but the architecture! I love how even regular town high schools in England are these gorgeous buildings (or at least that’s what tv has led me to believe).
  • We finally got a quote back from a contractor for our sunroom. There will be wallpaper, so I’ve ordered tons of samples. This is our favorite so far.

Have a great weekend!