Insert Fan Pun

July 3, 2019

I couldn’t decide on a pun. Anyway, today we’re talking about fan shopping. And how difficult it is. Why can’t they just make a quality, modern but not too modern, reasonably priced fan that includes a remote and offers enough light?

Schoolhouse offers a great Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide that helped me decide what size blades I need and other info to help me decide. (P.S. Schoolhouse is also having a 15% off fans sale for the 4th. Use code AMERICAFAN19.)

I spent an entire afternoon perusing all the sites where I thought I may find that perfect fan. Overstock, Amazon, Schoolhouse, Allmodern, Ebay, Lowes, Home Depot, even Walmart (note: I did not consider Wayfair due to its current practice of selling products to the concentration camps on our borders). I found that Amazon typically offered the best price + shipping scenario, so all my picks are linked there. Don’t worry, they’re not affiliate links…I don’t know how to do that yet.

After reading thousands of reviews, I wanted to stick with Hunter as they’re a company that only makes fans and I’ve been satisfied with my Hunter fans in the past. Also, we’re paying to have them installed so I want to get it right. It would cost us a lot more to cheap out on a fan and then have to pay to have it installed, removed and a new one installed.

Here’s the email I sent to Zach with the final choices:


So, since this is a big deal to replace, I’d rather spend some more money up front and get good quality fans that will last. There are four that I like:

Black Hunter – $250

Brand: Solid, reputable brand

Looks: He’s a beauty! Modern and sleek but still traditional enough

Reviews: Good reviews, typically 4+ stars

Remote: Has a remote (though it’s kind of ugly – not pictured on Amazon but I price-checked it everywhere); can use both switch and remote (most with remotes you can’t also use a switch to control speed)

Light: Integrated light (I’m not entirely clear what this means but it’s supposed to give off more light, though probably costs more to replace)

Blade: 52″ – this is my preferred size

Room(s): Suitable for any/all rooms – master, roomie’s room (though it’d be moved to one of the new bedrooms during reno) and living room

Noble Bronze Hunter – $70 (renewed)

Brand: Solid, reputable brand; renewed/refurbished, probably fine but ya know (otherwise I think it’s $150)(comes with 90-day warranty)

Looks: Looks okay, kind of like a new version of a dated fan; my least favorite of the options as far as looks

Reviews: Good reviews (on full-price listing)

Remote: No remote

Light: Uses 2 regular bulbs

Blade: 52″

Room(s): Suitable for roomie’s room, maybe ours; probably not the living room but could be convinced I suppose

Hardware House – $99

Brand: Not a recognized brand

Looks: Pretty good lookin’

Reviews: Really good reviews, but only six of them

Remote: No remote

Light: Uses 2 13W GU24 bulbs, so not much light and specialty bulbs

Blade: 52″

Room(s): Suitable for all rooms

White Prominence Home – $150

Brand: Not a recognized brand

Looks: White, so a different look, but overall I like it; I think it’d blend nicely into the ceilings

Reviews: Has really good reviews BUT other fans from this brand have terrible reviews

Remote: Has a remote but can ONLY be controlled by the remote (also potentially works with Alexa)

Light: Integrated LED light; dimmable, 2 E26/A15 bulbs, 800 lumens *side eye* (I prefer 2500 lumens), 8.5W

Blade: 52″

Room(s): Would use in the bedrooms, not living room


Master: Hunter black $250

Roomie: White Prominence $150

Living Room: Hunter black $250


Master & Roomie: White Prominence $300

Living Room: Hunter black $250


All: Hardware house $300

*Risky though if it’s a crap fan



Master & Roomie: White Prominence $300

Living Room: None for now

After lots of thought, I decided I’m going to want white in the guest rooms so that the fans quietly blend into the ceiling. I still want the black one for our room, but here’s our thinking. Roomie’s room will eventually become the kitchen (oops – you haven’t seen the floorplan options yet, so pretend you didn’t hear that). When that happens, we’ll move his fan into one of the two new bedrooms. I’ll want matching fans in the bedrooms, so we figured let’s go ahead and get two. We can use the white in our bedroom for now (our current one is squeaky and drives me crazy) and then when we renovate we can either A) realize we love it and buy a third or B) move ours and roomie’s into the new bedrooms and get a new fan for our room.