It Only Needs Cosmetic Changes…but Let’s Move All the Walls

July 2, 2019

“Great bones! Just needs cosmetic changes!” I don’t know what we were thinking. Very optimistic. She needs so. much. work. We’re restructuring every single room in the entire house in some way. Bedrooms will become bathrooms and kitchens. The living and dining rooms will become bedrooms. Closets will be knocked down and built. Room dividers will be expanded and repurposed. Windows will become doors and doors will become windows. It’s nuts, really. But before we get to that, let’s look at where we started.

Door to Nowhere

Zach’s favorite thing to point out on every house tour is the back door on the top part of the house. If you look out the sunroom window there it is with steps and a rail and everything. Then we walk the unwitting tourist to the kitchen, where the door should be but…dun dun dun…isn’t.

Cabinets cover the door from the inside. Here’s what we think happened. The footprint of the house used to be much smaller. We know the sunroom is an addition, but we believe the den was an addition too and that the house originally ended at that door to the backyard. When they added the den, they lost a wall for kitchen cabinets and had to improvise by covering the door. Don’t worry, we’ll bring her back to her former glory.

Current Layout

The current layout of the house leaves us with three living spaces, a tiny kitchen, a formal dining room walled off from everything and laughably small master bath that we’re pretty sure was once a closet. It has three good sized bedrooms and tons of storage space, but doesn’t really work for the way we live. We don’t need three living rooms, for instance.


It’s important to know the goals for our new house to determine how we want to lay it out. Here’s what we wanted based on our lifestyle:

  • Informal, comfortable, welcoming home perfect for late nights with friends
  • Two somewhat distinct living spaces
    • One for TV watching, lounging, Superbowl parties
    • One with seating and a small table for chatting with friends, hosting games nights, birthday parties, brunches
  • Large dining space with seating for at least eight because we love to host
  • Open kitchen where I can wash dishes and still be part of the conversation at the dinner table
  • Large master closet
  • Master bath with a big walk-in shower and, ideally, a clawfoot tub
  • Three bedrooms

Next week we’ll get into the layouts we’re considering!

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