Master En Suite Mood Boards

July 16, 2019

That shower by Katie Martinez Design is everything I didn’t know I wanted. (She’s incredible by the way – so inspiring!) Working within the confines of our load bearing walls and the weird layout of a bedroom plus closet, we’ve narrowed it down to two top options that we think make the most sense (right now – we’re not tackling this project for months so I will likely change my mind a dozen times).

The shower design above, unlike a normal shower with glass walls, happens to be perfect for using the existing master bathroom as the shower niche. And, making our entire current bathroom the new shower is very satisfying, right?

So option 1, “Vanity Outside,” uses this inspiration as the jumping off point.

Option 2, “Wet Room,” has a giant open shower that happens to have a bathtub in it. With this option, we’d do the entire wet room with tadelakt plaster – an ancient Moroccan technique that makes the entire room waterproof – no seams, no grout, nowhere for mold to grow. Also it has this beautiful mottled look. I continued the nod to Morocco with the floor tile in the water closet.

So what do you think? Do you like either option? Love or hate a “wet room”? Does either design speak to you?