July 24, 2019

Have you guys heard of Ruggable? I get their ads on Instagram all the time and I’m definitely intrigued. They make fashionable rugs but they’re…washable. Like in the washing machine. (Though I think I’d have to go to a laundry mat for a washer large enough to hold an 8×10 rug.)

I’ve thought about taking the plunge. It seems like a great idea to have a washable rug. (Does anyone else have a dog who will only throw up on the rug, despite every single other surface in the house being totally fine and easily washable?) The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so it’s probably worth a try. Plus the price is right.

But what will it feel like? Is it rubbery? What’s the texture? Is is soft underfoot? It comes with a rug pad that looks sort of squishy, so maybe that adds some cushion.

A few things I learned on their FAQ section:

  • The rug cover (decorative part) is 1/8″ thick and “clings” to the rug pad
  • The rug pad is 1/4″ thick and made from 95% recycled polyester and the stuff they make yoga mats from
  • They also do not recommend other rug pads as they’re made to work together (their pad is $150, which is a bit more than a normal rug pad, but not terrible)
  • Speaking of price, overall they’re pretty affordable – $399 for an 8×10 WITH the rug pad
  • The rug covers are made in the US (California and Illinois)
  • It is not recommended to use a Roomba with it, so that’s something to consider
  • Shouldn’t be used over carpet; only over tile or hardwood

They had a big birthday sale this week (ended yesterday, sorry guys I missed it too). My indecisiveness is a plague so I didn’t pull the trigger on one, but I’m really curious. Have you used Ruggable? Would you? What do you think about the concept?

Here are the designs I was considering:

Hendesi Heriz Garnet Rug

They have some great Persian/Oriental style rugs. I love the colors in this one. It was Zach’s favorite. Hendesi Heriz Garnet Rug

Kavi Diamond Silver Rug

This was my favorite. The pattern is simple, quiet but still has a presence. I think it’d be great in a living room or bedroom. We were shopping for the living room by the way, but until I decide on the fireplace color I think we should hold out on a rug. Kavi Diamond Silver Rug

Herringbone Batik Ash Grey Rug

This was Zach’s second favorite. I really like it but I feel like it leans a bit industrial. Top choice for our basement apartment. Herringbone Batik Ash Grey Rug

Maral Heriz Creme Rug

There’s something so soothing and luxe feeling about this quiet, light colored, traditional rug. And knowing that it’s washable gives me the confidence to pull it off. Maral Heriz Creme Rug

Nira Grey Rug

I love the blend of soft grays and creams – it feels so accessible and adaptable to any design. This is a rug that would stick around even when you trade your emerald velvet sofa and live-edge wood coffee table for a tan sectional and gold-and-glass side tables. It works with any style. Nira Grey Rug

Ragazzo Light Grey Rug

This is bolder than I would normally choose, but I love the pattern. If Ruggable rugs were indoor/outdoor, I’d want this on my patio stat. Ragazzo Light Grey Rug

Thalia Black Rug

Also not what I would typically be drawn to, but I really like it. It’d be so fun in a kids room or colorful office. Playful but neutral. Thalia Black Rug

  • toryaha
    July 27, 2019 at 9:51 am

    I like them all!