Fri-Yay! 8/16/19

August 16, 2019

Happy Friday, intro of some sort, blah blah. Okay let’s get into it because is there anything we can talk about besides Chris Loves Julia’s two-week phase 1 kitchen renovation reveal?!!? I mean…wow.

  • Chris Loves Julia’s phase 1 kitchen renovation included moving and reusing some cabinets, paint, a new backsplash (that’s easier than tile!) and some open shelving. All very approachable changes anyone can make. And the result is stunning. Seriously, if you’re not following them do it.
  • I’ve got kitchens on the brain, (our kitchen mood board is coming next week, promise – though after seeing the CLJ kitchen I’m thinking about some things…) so I loved looking at how another DIYer’s phase 1 solutions have held up over four years. Check out this post by The Gold Hive.
  • Zach got these shoes for me for my birthday (dream boat) and I’ve been counting down the days til fall so I can start breaking them in!
  • How to save money when you’re a natural spender. I’m a saver by nature (I actually proudly exclaimed last night that I’m a free loader) but it’s still helpful advice!

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