Fri-Yay! 8/9/19

August 9, 2019

$8 makeover

Happy Friday! My dad was in town last weekend. We went to the Aquarium, played poker and knocked out a few little projects. Among them was making over the natural gas grill in the patio. We totally thought this was one of those charcoal grills they have in parks and never touched it, assuming we’d rip it out at some point. Then my dad discovered it was a natural gas grill in perfect condition so…plans changed! The restoration took $8 and about an hour and a half. Not bad, eh? One can of high heat black spray paint and two cedar fence posts is all it took. Even though half the boards were missing all the screws were still there which was nice! I’ll share a full tutorial that includes general painting and cutting tips soon.

Onto things that caught my eye this week:

  • Is colored marble the next big thing for kitchens and baths? This Domino article discusses the blue marble trend, lots of stores have been making pink marble accents and Emily Henderson used green quartzite in her mountain house guest bath (okay that’s not marble but still). What do you think?
  • We bought material for our new headboard and it is bold! It’s way outside my comfort zone but I’m really excited! We’re inspired by this artist’s work (which is super afforable).
  • Have you been watching Chris Loves Julia’s Phase 1 kitchen reno?? I think I said this last week, too, but it’s just so good. Summer blockbuster for sure.
  • Jenny Komenda is also doing her kitchen and she’s using several materials we’re planning so I’ve been paying rapt attention.
  • Finally, vintage trends designers love. We’re keeping the ’70s wood paneling in our living room, so we’re excited that made the list. 😉