Kitchen Moodboard

August 19, 2019

As someone who is, as Emily Henderson calls it, design polyamorous, it’s often hard for me to narrow down what I want. There are so many styles that I like! Couple that with a phobia of making decisions and coming up with a mood board (and then liking it 1, 2, 3 months later) is difficult. I’ve been sitting on this mood board for almost six weeks. I wanted to be sure before I put it on the internet to live forever.

Turns out, I love it. There are a few minor things we’re still nailing down (I’ll get to those later) but overall I love, love, love this and I feel so confident in the design.

The Floorplan

Let’s back up and start with a refresher on what the renovation plan is. There’s a bedroom behind the current L-shaped kitchen. We’re going to steal around 9’ from the bedroom to add to the kitchen space and use the rest of the bedroom to create a large, built-in pantry. Yes, I could do a larger L-shaped kitchen with the oven as a focal point on one wall and the sink the focal point on the other. That makes my symmetry-loving heart happy. But this floorplan makes me even happier. The huge pantry is a dream come true and a serious design solution.

Anyone else hate fridges? I mean, I love the access to food and the privilege of not having to shop daily and keep my leftovers cold, but they ruin everything in design. Sidenote, why are counter depth fridges more expensive than regular fridges? They’re smaller! It makes no sense.

Anyway, the other major change is that we’ll be reopening the door to the backyard that it currently covered by cabinets, lovingly known as the door to nowhere. This will give us access to the backyard and bring in more light. Speaking of light, we’ll also be expanding the windows behind the cabinets. Here’s a simple mockup of the floorplan:

The Pantry

My favorite part of this plan is the large, walk-in pantry. The fridge will be mostly hidden but easy to reach. All the other small appliance (microwave, toaster oven, blender) will also be hidden away in the pantry. We’re opting for an opening instead of a door for both easy access, space and design reasons. I was inspired by the image above with the cabinets and open shelves visible. We’ll use narrow cabinets and open shelving along the back wall, then two floor-to-ceiling pantry/cleaning cabinets in the deeper area that was the bedroom’s closet.

Here’s the floorplan:

the kitchen/door are to the right of this photo

And a visual mockup (without the open shelving):

you’re looking in from the kitchen through the doorway (the vertical lines)

The Moodboard

What we’ve all been waiting for! We want our kitchen to feel inviting, comfortable, casual, relaxing and fitting to the age and style of our house. We want our friends to want to linger for hours over games and cocktails and dinners and we want it to be beautiful but in a quiet way.

Backsplash: Brick limewashed white (this was a small change from being painted, inspired by Jenny Komenda’s kitchen renovation)

Cabinets: Probably black shaker style (small chance of custom painting them but it will still be a dark color)

Layout: Lowers along the back wall flanked by floor-to-ceiling cabinets on each end + pantry cabinets + vintage hutch for servingware

Table: We’re making use of the generous width of the space by combining our kitchen and dining areas with a long, rustic dining table (we may or may not put a marble slab on top or have a shelf underneath – it’s still being debated)

Lighting: The lights pictured have already been ordered and I love them – those will go over the windows along the back wall; the lighting for above the table is TBD

Counters: This is what I’m struggling with the most; honestly no clue

Floors: Hardwoods in the kitchen, but we may do a beautiful tile in the pantry


Let’s talk numbers. We don’t have a set budget for the kitchen renovation, per se, but we’re hoping to be around $20-25k. We’re using IKEA cabinets and the total so far is around $11,000, including a walnut countertop for the pantry. We’ll keep you updated along the way and, yes, we full expect to go over budget.

Oh, and don’t expect this kitchen to come to fruition over the next few weeks. We still need to find a contractor which is proving to be the most difficult endeavor of my life, and we need to complete the sunroom first. We’re hoping to begin the kitchen in October.

I’ll leave you with one more mockup of the kitchen cabinets:

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