Open Concept Floorplan

August 1, 2019

If you remember way back to Tuesday, our original plan was to switch the dining and kitchen, aka the “Z” floorplan. While this would still be a great option if we kept the smaller footprint, it made the formal entry awkward as it opened into the “private” bedroom/bathroom area and was relatively far from the heart of the home. If we made the kitchen larger, the floorplan became choppy with walls cutting into the open space. Not to mention the expense of moving plumbing, all new windows and brick work, floors, moving walls, etc.

I’d like to tell you that I thought through all of these cons and came up with a better floorplan after tons of thought and research, but that would be a lie. Our friend Tory suggested it. Like it was the most obvious idea in the world. And it is.  Here’s where we’re at now:

The kitchen will extend toward the back of the house and all bedrooms will be relocated to the front
Quick mockup of the elements of the kitchen
Back wall will include wall ovens, stove top, sink and dishwasher; fridge and microwave will be in the pantry

We’ll take the bedroom behind the current kitchen and open it up to create a walk-in pantry and kitchen/dining combo open to the living room/sunroom. Then we’ll close off the existing dining room and formal living room to make two bedrooms (to replace those we’re “stealing” for the master bath/kitchen). We’ll knock down part of a load-bearing wall and the current pantry (which, to drive home in case it was unclear, is load-bearing) so it’ll mean two support beams. But the flow it’ll create is so worth it. Plus we’ll have some space where the current pantry is for a little entry bench and coat hooks.

Pros and Cons of the Open Concept Floorplan

  • PRO: Plumbing/electrical already in the general spot
  • PRO: Walk-in pantry that also hides the fridge (!!!)
  • PRO: Looks out over the backyard
  • PRO/CON: Awesome opportunity for a big deck outside (an expense we don’t have budgeted)
  • CON: Less storage
  • CON: No separate dining room
  • PRO: Casual dining and a huge table
  • CON: I’ll have to replace my beloved dining table and chairs because they won’t fit in the space
  • PRO: Better use of the space, opens up the area
  • PRO: Space for entry drop-zone
  • PRO: Formal entry makes more sense (though I still think it’s a waste of space)
  • CON: Truly open concept, which isn’t my favorite
  • PRO: I can still be involved with friends at the table while working in the kitchen because the table is literally in the kitchen
  • PRO: Bedrooms are all along the front of the house
  • PRO: Don’t have to replace all the windows
  • PRO: Floors are original hardwood in both areas
  • CON: Floor patterns are perpendicular in the kitchen/bedroom (sigh, we hope we can either make it look cool and intentional or we’ll have to replace the current kitchen floors which are in worse shape)
  • PRO: Saves money on appliances
  • PRO: Hidden fridge – have I already mentioned this? Well, I love it so much it’s worth mentioning twice
  • PRO: Hidden microwave (which means we can get a cheap $100 one instead of a $800 built-in option)
  • PRO: More my style – old world modern vs. the more traditional modern of the previous design; casual and comfortable
  • PRO/CON: Dining table will be custom made (by us!) and have a marble top so it can double as prep space (either it’ll be a little low for chopping or the table will be a little high – we’ll see)

While I loved the first design, I am over-the-moon excited to see this one come to fruition. It feels more like us. It fits our lifestyle, our design style and it’s very flexible. If future owners want, they can put in a traditional island and use the sunroom or living room as a dining space. And if we host more than the 10 who will fit at the table, we can also extend into the living room!

What do you think? Would you like to dine right in the kitchen? I love the casual vibe but it does mean dishes may be in sight during meals. I’m okay with that, but I can see how it might be distracting.

I’ll share our moodboard for the kitchen next week! We’re really excited.

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    August 3, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m not mad you’re keeping a formal entry.

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