Fri-Yay 10/25/19

October 25, 2019

Happy Friday! Guys, it’s almost Halloween – my favorite holiday – and I have done nothing. No decorating, no costume, no candy, no pumpkins. My job is always busiest in October (including a two-week event every other year) and it’s such a bummer. But, alas, our priorities are elsewhere this year. Maybe we should have waited a month to makeover the sunroom – we could have leaned into the “abandoned house” theme?

Anyway, onto fun things this week!

  • Emily Henderson just launched an interior design course on Skillshare and I could not be more excited. Skillshare offers courses on a range of topics from photography to entrepreneurship to writing and so much more, each taught by practicing experts in the field (i.e. published authors vs English lit professors). T loves watching the celebrity chefs’ lessons. You can even check out Emily’s course (and all others – it’s unlimited) with a two-month free trial here.
  • There’s been a lot of research in recent years into all the ‘mental work’ women do. While households are becoming much more egalitarian, women are still doing more of the mental work: knowing what’s in the fridge that needs to be used, tracking toilet paper supply, keeping up the calendar, etc. This is an important article on the background work for preparing a meal that goes beyond getting out the frying pan.
  • Are you following @denforourcubs on Instagram? They lived in a tent for TWO years with their two kids and still love each other. Could you do it?
  • Got an hour? Save $1,000. This is a good reminder that a teensy bit of effort can go a long way in saving money. Also not entirely related, but millenials – take a moment to check in with your aging parents and make sure they’re not getting totally ripped off on their cable/utility/cell phone bills. There’s often 55+ rates they could be taking advantage of.
  • Lastly, you know I’m a huge fan of podcasts and This Old House just came out with one! The first episode just released – I can’t wait to listen.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely, productive, relaxing weekend.