One Room Challenge Week 3: It’s a Room!

October 17, 2019

It’s Week 3 of the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge and we have a room! All the walls are built, drywall is installed, electrical is in place, we fixed our HVAC issue that spurred a lot of the changes, built-ins are built and it’s looking a whole lot like a room.

The biggest takeaway I think is how bright the room looks now – even with just plain old drywall. Yes, of course the skylights helped, but I didn’t realize how much the brown-and-pink insulation ceiling was sucking light out of the room. Now the light bounces around everywhere. I had briefly considered a medium-dark color in the room but now I’m 100% sure I’m going with white(ish).

So, what did we get done in week three? Not much. I’ve been on a work trip to Philadelphia all week (writing this during my meeting’s breakfast!). But, we did interview and hire a drywall finisher (thanks Zach!) who starts tomorrow and even squeezed in a couple small DIY projects for the room.

Dad installing the custom soffit/ceiling extension

Once the room is ready for paint, things will go fast (or so I’m telling myself). Can’t wait to try my hand at wallpapering for the first time, and seeing this room with paint! T and I are moving next Thursday (I haven’t moved any/most of my furniture into this house yet and T will be moving into the now-finished basement apartment). So we’ll see furniture in there soon too!

I did this so many times I pulled a muscle

Remember to check in on the progress of other One Room Challenge participants! Catch ya next week!

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