One Room Challenge Week 4: It’s a Painted Room!

October 24, 2019

So…we didn’t get anything exciting done this week. We had the drywall finished by professionals, primed the walls and floors and gave the walls it’s first coat of paint. Unfortunately, it needs a second so I’ll be doing that tonight after we move. Yes, move. I took the day off today not to work on the sunroom, but to finally move my remaining furniture from Beatrice Bungalow to Mildred House. My former roommate T is also moving from Beatrice into the Mildred basement apartment today. So after the sunroom is done, we’ll be focusing our attention on getting Beatrice ready for rental (also we changed our plans on that a bit – more to come).

Back to the One Room Challenge! We’ve been working on a few small projects for the room. On Saturday we have someone coming to help us install trim. We’re also hoping to get the wallpaper hung this weekend. Then it’s: second coat the floors and maybe paint a fun pattern if there’s time, install the hanging chairs, blinds, curtains and built-in shelves, furnish and decorate! Still hoping I can get all that done in two weeks. Oh, and I’m out of town Mon-Wed. Yay!

The room looks white in the photos, but it’s actually a taupey-white with green-blue undertones

  • Marcie Millholland
    October 25, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I love sunroom ORC’s- can’t wait to see this come together. It’s come a long way already! My week was the same on my room – mostly painting. Your idea board is great!! Here’s to a productive week!