One Room Challenge Week 5: Almost There

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! In case you’re just stopping by for the first time, I figured I should introduce myself. I’m Cici Haus, unshakable optimist that every old home can become something beautiful. While we were house hunting we considered a duplex that was literally in shambles and I got all heart eyes about its potential. Zach, the boyfriend, very reasonably, said no. So, we landed on Mildred House – a single-owner, 1963 all-brick ranch with an unfinished basement and apartment. We naively thought it would just need cosmetic fixes. Six months in and we have plans to knock down walls and build others, change the function of nearly every room and even change the location of our front door. It’s a work in progress and there are no pretty pictures yet because, well, the house isn’t pretty yet. I’m tackling the “sunroom” (the largest room in the house with windows on three sides) for the Fall One Room Challenge so we have somewhere to relax while the rest of the house is torn apart! Catch up on the befores and plan, gutting the room and finding termites, hanging drywall and painting.

This week, the room really started to come together. The trim around the windows is up and caulked, the paint has been touched up and the room is clean. Tonight we’ll be installing the wallpaper and then it’s time to install the furniture and decorate!

Before I show you the not-so-dramatic current photos, let’s look at a reminder of where we started: drop ceiling, browning wallpaper, moldy carpet, heavy dated curtains, rotten subfloor and, while not pictured, a fledgling termite colony hanging out in the walls.

How it looked when we bought the house
How it, embarrassingly, looked for the first four months we lived there (no one went in there)

And here’s where we are today. New skylights, fresh insulation and drywall, new ceiling that takes advantage of the cool slanted wall, painted floor (we can’t lay floors until we tear down walls in a connected part of the house), new walls for built-ins, three new lights, fresh paint and trim around the windows and door.

We have run into an issue though. The trim is so close to the ceiling on the short side that I can’t fit a curtain rod. While there are some workarounds (none of which are ideal), I think we’re going to nix curtains altogether. The whole point of a sunroom is sun, right?

This is the only picture that accurately captures the color of the walls
No base molding until floors are installed
What a difference caulk makes

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