FriYay 11/1/19

November 1, 2019

Yesterday was Halloween and while we didn’t celebrate in a spooky way, we did have a great night. We actually made our home less spooky by playing around with furniture layouts and adding lots of plants to the sunroom! It’s getting so close. Roomie, T, Zach and I spent the whole evening chatting and listening to music and hanging out in the new room, and it’s everything I wanted it to be!

Onto some more inspiration this week:

  • My jaw dropped at this home tour. I didn’t realize how much I loved Spanish style until this house – it’s warm and casual and rich and streamlined and impeccably designed and cozy and minimal. I think I could go on with the adjectives, but just check it out for yourself.
  • The Grit and Polish remodeled their laundry room and it’s just perfection. They shared how they kept the budget in check by working with that they had.
  • Have you guys been watching Interior Design Masters on Netflix? It’s a British interior design competition show and it’s quite enjoyable. How they do so much with $2k and two days continually blew my mind.
  • It’s fall (closing in on winter!) but if you haven’t taken care of the leaves in your yard yet, read this article on ways to reuse the leaves’ nutrition to benefit your yard and garden.

Have a great weekend and keep warm!